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Up until December 2016, the English Global Group site was an online English language video learning site. The site consisted of videos I made myself, along with a collection of thousands of good quality English language learning videos from very talented English teachers from around the world. After seven years online, the site began to lose its meaning and a change was in order. With the election of Donald Trump for president, the new direction of this site became very evident....a way to solve many of the world's problems through the use of the English language.
Everybody Welcome

Well within reason. If you came here to hate then simply pack your bags and head to another site where that kind of garbage is condoned. On this site, keep it as nice as possible. The use of profanity is fine....you're gonna use it anyway, right? Aside from that, simply make your best case. This site is without a doubt heavily biased in favor of those illusive concepts known as humanity and the truth. If you don't like it, well tough shit. This is my site and I can do whatever I want.
Egg Awards

The subjects of many of the topics on this site will occasionally be the recipient of good and bad EGG awards. Again, keep in mind, the views expressed are mine, mine, mine....all mine.
Posting Comments

English Global Group uses the DISQUS commenting application on every page of this site. Posting is easy and you can login using your DISQUS account, or alternately, via social networking sites including: Facebook, Twitter, and Google.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will my comments need to be approved before being posted?
  • The jury is still out on this one, but at least for now, the comments will not need to be approved before being posted.
  • Can I delete my posts anytime?
  • Yes, of course, but why would you want to do that if you already took the time and energy to post in the first place?
  • Can I include links in my posts?
  • Yes and no. Any links leading to additional information which adds to a discussion will be allowed. Any links which constitute spam, and are posted for commercial gain, will be promptly deleted with the poster being banned from subsequently posting on this site ever again until the end of the universe.
  • Can I link to any of the pages of this site?
  • Yeah sure. In fact, tell the world about this site and you might get invited over for lunch someday.
  • Can I copy materials, including graphics, from this site?
  • At least for now the answer is an enthusiastic YES. The main purpose of this site is to bring people together and right as many of the wrongs in the world as possible. What's the point of silly copyright rules which would simply stand in the way of this goal.
  • How can I contact the owner of this site?
  • Simply visit the contact page of this site and all will be explained.
In closing, use this site in whatever way you see fit....oh yeah, and thanks for visiting.
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