English Global Group has no contact email, no online form, basically no way to directly contact me, the owner of this site. Why? The answer should be fairly obvious. The very basic nature of this site breeds contempt, and as such, would result in a torrent of unwanted nasty email and spam heading in my direction.
Posting Comments

English Global Group uses the DISQUS commenting application on every page of this site. Posting is easy and you can login using your DISQUS account, or alternately, via social networking sites including: Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Use this platform to post your thoughts, suggestions, or constructive criticism ABOUT THIS SITE, or simply to say hi.
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If you want to contact me though, this page is the page to do it. Simply post a comment at the bottom of this page and wait for your answer. This is also the place for reporting abuse, hate, misinformation, and any site links which are no longer working, or other site related issues. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO POST ANYTHING UNRELATED TO THIS SITE.
Joining Discussions

Each page of English Global Group is the basis for a discussion. The topics will eventually number in the hundreds, hopefully even the thousands. To talk about any of these important issues, simply visit any site page, read the information, and post your thoughts.
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