Funny pictures of Donald Trump and Barack Obama
Good Yiddish

Hey Barack, those Yiddish language lessons are certainly paying off. The perfect word to describe a perfect schmo.

Then again, maybe schmuck would be much more descriptive.
Wrong Hand Trump

At an important press conference, Obama instructs Trump that most presidents use their right hand to masturbate.

Trump seemed perplexed, resulting in a great deal of confusion in the room, until someone was able to explain to the president which hand was his right hand.
Close Call

The meeting today between Donald Trump and Barack Obama turned into chaos, when a small man posing as a statue, moved towards Trump and attempted to bite his ears off.

The secret service quickly moved in to help the small man.
Proper Etiquette

Barack Obama took a few minutes today to show Donald Trump the proper way to fondle the ass of a woman.

Trump insisted that Obama was wrong. He said his method was to simply "grab them by the pussy." He went on to say that "when you’re a star they let you do it, you can do anything.”
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