Funny pictures of Donald Trump and Biff Tannen
Trump Tannen Cloning

The question which comes to mind is whether the Back to the Future character of Biff Tannen was inspired by Donald Trump.

The other possibility is that Donald Trump really is a clone of Biff think?
More Similarities

Now take a really good look at the Biff Tannen Pleasure Palace and the Trump Tower and you can see why these guys are often compared.

Trump is such an egomaniac, he cannot even think about the possibility of any of his properties sitting without his name on it.
Biffco Enterprises

Today Donald Trump purchased Biffco Enterprises. Reliable sources, who requested anonymity, stated that Trump made the purchase, not for the nuclear energy, but for the toxic waste. His hairdresser confided that Trump has been using toxic waste of this kind to color his hair for years now.
Trump Spins Again

Trump has made the front page of the Hill Valley Telegraph for spinning again, this time going after the media, specifically the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

Trump has earned the title of the "craziest man on earth", and he takes on pretty much anyone who stands in his way.
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