Funny pictures of Donald Trump and gay
Misinformed Again

Poor Donald was the receiver of misinformation once again when his staff told him the parade he would be attending today was connected to his presidential inauguration ceremonies....oops.

He ended up finishing off the day with a whole new perspective on the LGBT community.
Good Intentions

Trump decided the American flag needed a little bit more pizzazz and a lot more color, and the result....see for yourself.

His white, conservative, and very Christian administration were baffled and afraid to confront the president for fear of being fired.
What If

Well if Donald Trump were to become gay, these alt-right guys would probably be all-right guys for him.

Hey anything is possible....alt-right?
LGBT Support

Trump once again showed his support for the LGBT community by participating in their annual parade.

Trump issued a press release following the event stating, it was was more exhilarating than the presidential erections.
LGBT Community Slammed

The Trump administration Wednesday rolled back an Obama-era regulation extending certain protections to transgender students, the latest development in a fierce ongoing public debate. The guidelines required public schools to allow children to use bathrooms and other facilities that correspond to their gender identities. MORE WHITE HOUSE DISCRIMINATION.
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