Funny pictures of Donald Trump, Scott Pruitt, EPA, climate change, and global warming
Environmental Destruction Agency

Hey folks. Scott Pruitt was confirmed as the new Secretary of the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency.

The environmental screwing has begun.
Bye Bye EPA

This must certainly be the environmental vision of Scott Pruitt. Why else would a man who supports the coal and oil industries, and who sued the EPA 14 times, see the environment any other way?

This picture is his dream. A huge pile of coal, an oil spill killing everything it touches, an atmosphere filled with toxic chemicals, and a river loaded with garbage....what could be better?
Pruitt Vacation Spots

Hey Scotty, wondering where to take the wifey and kids this Summer?....think no more.

Why not make a good ole southern fish fry with your catch from the Ohio river. Maybe go for a dip at Lake Onondaga. Then dry off with a nice hike around some heavy industry. Then top it all off with a nice relaxing day at the beach.
Not Funny

Actually this is no laughing matter. The energy regulations already in place, will be scraped by Donald Trump at some point during his presidency. This will wipe out years of progress made in the fight towards reducing the effects of global warming.

Go outside and enjoy it while you can.
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