My thoughts about Trump
My Thoughts About Trump

Hi. My name is Shai. I am seven years old. I don't like president Trump. He is doing awful things. Too many not good rules about pollution and global warming. He should let people into the country. He is awful and should not be president.
To Do List

President Trump made a list of things to do. He is allowing more pollution. He is making a wall so people cannot cross the border. He is not allowing the immigrants to come home. These things are wrong.
The Wall

President Trump is making a wall to keep people from coming across the border.
No Guns

There should be no guns allowed in the United States.
No Hate

There should be no hate in the World.

Busy Pen

President Trump has a busy pen. He drew a picture of a helicopter which he wants to use to blow up countries. It is wrong.
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