Gotta Laugh

Hey if you're gonna laugh, why not do it at Trump's expense. These pages are for all of you sarcastic, frustrated, wannabe comedians out there who are entirely fed up with the goings on in America now and need a way to release all of that tension. There has never been a better time, or an easier way, to get good material. Simply watch Trump's press conferences, his photo ops, or read his never ending incessant rants on Twitter, and you will find all the stuff you need to make your own collection of classic Trumpisms.

Wanna use the stuff on the FUNNY pages? Go ahead....but please link back to this page. Thank you so much.
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"The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter"
Mark Twain
Environmental memes from a 7 year old

The most honest view of the world today is through the eyes of a child. Very cute pictures and solutions to some of the environmental problems of today. Continue laughing....
Thoughts on immigration

Hi. My name is Shai. I am seven years old. In the United States other people like Blacks, Jewish, and Japanese, and Muslims should be allowed to get into the country. I think white people that are not good should be thrown out. . Continue laughing....
Trump from the mind of a 7 year old

My son Shai has been listening to his parents talk every day during breakfast, lunch, and dinner about the situation in America and wanted to contribute his thoughts. Continue laughing....
Dump Trump

Hey come on now, everybody knows you need to pick up your own shit. Really gotta wonder what this dog was eating the day before. Continue laughing....
Trump Obama

Hey Barack, those Yiddish language classes are certainly paying off. The perfect word to describe a perfect schmo. Continue laughing....
Trump Biff

Yup there certainly cannot be any evidence more conclusive than this. Continue laughing....
Gay Trump

Poor Donald was the receiver of misinformation once again when his staff told him the parade he would be attending today was connected to his presidential inauguration ceremonies....oops. Continue laughing....
Trump Environment

Actually this is no laughing matter. The energy regulations already in place, will be scraped by Donald Trump at some point during his presidency. This will wipe out years of progress made in the fight towards reducing the effects of global warming. Continue laughing....
Trump Genitals

Pretty disgusting, and very embarrassing, when you realize the president of the United States of America actually referred to, and defended, the size of his genitals on national TV while campaigning for the presidency. Way to go Donald....what an insecure, and immature, idiot. Continue laughing....
Trump To Do List

Yup it looks like "The Donald" already has his hands full as the new president of the United States of America. I worry though if he has enough spare time to get in all the tweets he wants. Continue laughing....
Trump Twitter

In an unprecedented move, Twitter has redesigned and reissued their famous bird logo. The move was announced days after the White House, more specifically Donald Trump, had informed Twitter that "The Donald" would delete his account if the logo was not changed to his specifications. The company complied within 48 hours of the request. Continue laughing....
Trump Putin

Hey Vladimir, congrats on winning the United States of America presidential election. No doubt your little puppet Donald will fit in with your plans quite nicely. Continue laughing....
Cuntgradulasions Betsy DeVos

Meet the new face and head of the Department of Indoctrination

In the guise of governmental noninterference in religious matters, the voucher program allows private schools to use public dollars to proselytize and teach church doctrine that is at odds with public policy — for instance, that women must be submissive to men, that homosexuality is evil, that birth control is a sin, and that creationism is scientifically sound.
Completed Memes

These are the completed meme pages to date. Enjoy.

Environmental memes from my son
Immigration memes from my son
Trump memes from my son
Donald Trump memes - dump Trump
Donald Trump memes - global warming
Donald Trump memes - his small genitals
Donald Trump memes - to do list
Donald Trump memes - gay stuff
Donald Trump memes - Barack Obama
Donald Trump memes - Vladimir Putin
Donald Trump memes - Biff Tannen
Donald Trump memes - Twitter
Yeah Trumpy....laugh it up

Even "The Donald" could hardly contain himself when he read through Trump's Comedy Collection. No shit, we all need to thank our "illustrious" leader for providing us with an endless stream of material. Gosh, if this guy ever gets impeached, what are we gonna do for a laugh? Hey Donald, take it that a urine stain on your pants?
Trump's Comedy Collection - Jokes and Slams
Why did Donald Trump ban shredded cheese?    He wanted to "Make America Grate Again".
What did white America tell Donald Trump?    You're Hired.
What did Trump say when asked about building the wall?    I don't wanna taco bout it.
What did Trump say when asked again about building the wall?    Nacho business.
What did Trump tell the illegal immigrant who picked up the wrong hose B?    No way Hose A.
What is Trump's favorite snack when he visits Mexico?    Wallnuts.
If Donald Trump and Steve Bannon were hit by meteor, who would survive?    America.
What did Melania call it when Donald took Viagra in November 2016?    A rigged erection.
What is the weather forecast for tomorrow at the White House?    Golden showers.
What did the San Diego zoo call their new elephant?    Donald Trunk.
A Bit Out of Season Karaoke Holiday Videos

Hey, I decided to leave these up just for the heck of it. Yeah the holidays are way over but why not continue to laugh at Trump any chance you can get. Be sure to send these videos to your friends.
A Couple of Limericks
Trump is a man from New York
Whose cock is the size of a cork
He wanted to show it
Forced girls to know it
But still could find no one to pork
There now is a president Trump
His head kinda looks like his rump
His thinking is hazy
He drives the world crazy
He really should move to a dump
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