What the United States of America Should do about Illegal Immigration
My grandparents were immigrants

As I write this, I find myself in conflict with opposing thoughts about what the United States should do about illegal immigration. My grandparents were Russian Jews who emigrated from Russia to Canada in the early 1900’s to escape persecution. Although I am sure they were required to go through some legal processing before becoming Canadian citizens, I am unsure as to how stringent the rules and regulations were at that time. All I know is that thanks to Canada, they were allowed a chance to begin a new life in a new country.

My wife will soon be an immigrant

Now fast forward about 100 years and let’s talk about what my Japanese wife needs to do in order to be legal in the United States. We are currently in Japan and need to go through the U.S. Embassy in this country to begin processing the paperwork for her visa. Each paper requires a fee (expensive) and will be sent to America for approval. There is a required medical check, and interview, and thousands of dollars in fees requires before she will be legally allowed to stay in the United States. See why there are so many illegal immigrants crossing U.S. borders? The requirements to become legal are difficult and expensive and still there is no guarantee you will be approved.
Be Fair

Yet rules are rules. I already spent almost 8 years in Japan and, aside from entering the country on a tourist visa and staying, I followed every rule and paid every fee (minimal) in order to be able to stay in this country. Think about what it would do to Japan if millions of illegal immigrants came into the country and relied on social services for their survival. It would put a tremendous strain on the economy and the culture.

When I look at the aforementioned scenarios, a fair and equitable solution comes to mind. The following is my opinion and based on my personal experiences with immigration issues affecting my family. In regards to illegal immigration, the United States should:
Possible immigration solution
  • Grant amnesty and citizenship to any illegal immigrants who are already in the country and have established a life for themselves and their families.
  • Deport illegal immigrants who have come to this country and subsequently committed crimes. Come on now….before you get all pissed off about this, think about it. Why should we support those who come to this country as guests and then commit crimes against citizens who have legal status to stay in this country. If I were to do something in Japan that was illegal, then I would fully expect to be deported….it simply makes sense.
  • Any new immigrants coming into the country need to go through due process to be able to stay and legally work. Again, think about this. I am now in the beginning stages of processing the extensive amount of paperwork required to make it legal for my wife to enter the United States, even though she has many years of marriage, and two sons with me, an American citizen. Is it fair for others to simply cross the border and not be required to go through the same process? OF COURSE NOT.
Anyway this is my opinion, take it or leave it, but realize that every country has rules and, right or wrong, these rules at least need to be followed by everyone strictly out of fairness. If you ever decide to emigrate to another country, then no doubt you would fully expect to apply for entry legally and accept the rules and regulations of that country.
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